Vescom Advantages


The VESCOM system is designed for quick erection with a minimum of workers. The savings not only impact field labor costs but also reduce construction time. These impact both construction costs and project soft costs.

Fire Ratings

The Vescom UL ratings are the best and the most comprehensive in the industry. The ratings have 1 1/2-hour, 2-hour, and 3-hour assemblies with one layer of sheetrock. VESCOM ratings accommodate Type I and Type II construction requirements with liberal allowances for unprotected openings.

Acoustical Considerations

The VESCOM floor assemblies perform extremely well attenuating both impact sound (IIC) and airborne sound. It is not unusual for field tests on finished residential buildings to get STC values of 57 and IIC values of more than 51.

Mechanical Circulation

As an open web joist Vescom will allow the circulation of all mechanical systems with no soffits. The sharing of one plenum level for both structural and mechanical systems reduces building height, and building costs, and allows upscale mechanical solutions without costly construction. Vescom joist can also be designed with rectangular openings for larger duct penetrations.

Installation Simplicity

The VESCOM installation is efficient and safe. The flush seat and lack of bridging make the joist erection fast and easy. The decking goes between the joist sitting on the horizontal angle of the top chord. The pieces are light and cut to size allowing one worker to handle multiple pieces at a time.

Vescom Versatility

VESCOM has a senior composite truss designed to support VESCOM joists and accommodate other structural needs for moment frames and support transfer loads.

Vescom has mini joists for small spans and long-span joists for longer spans. You can be sure VESCOM will accommodate the project needs.

Bearing Systems

VESCOM’s simple seat accommodates all bearing systems including structural steel, cold form steel bearing walls, masonry walls, concrete wall, IFC walls, and wood walls. In all these situations no special formwork or construction is needed.

Composite Design

100% composite connection allows for rigid floors, minimum deflections, longer spans, and shallower joists. All this spans between joists over 4’-4” to 6’-0” with attached ceilings and is even more flexible for hung ceilings of spray-on fireproofing applications.

Custom Design

VESCOM will design to accommodate the project’s architectural needs. Setbacks loads will be designed into joist loads to avoid costly transfer solutions. Vescom’s unique flush seat allows changes in the direction of joists to accommodate architectural and mechanical requirements. VESCOM will build to suit all other building systems and not the other way around.

User-Friendly Design Assistance

VESCOM’s corporate creed is to have each customer become our sales representative in the marketplace. VESCOM want their customers to feel we have their back and have as much interest in a successful project as they have.